Advantages of Choosing an Online Florist in Singapore

flower deliveryAre you looking for a good item to gift to your special friend? Flowers are a great option. You can order flowers from various florists in Singapore. There is a great demand for flowers in the city. People love gifting their dear ones with flowers. Depending on the occasion, you can get special type of flowers. It is not always easy to visit a florist in the city in order to make an order. You will have to travel long distances through the heavy traffic in order to reach a florist. The time taken for the selection and the order placement is also very high when you do this. Instead of wasting your time by visiting a florist in the city, you can place an order online with ease. There are various advantages when you do this.

Availability of flowers for all occasions

The online florists in Singapore provide you with flowers for all occasions. The local stores might have only the seasonal flowers. This is because the local florists will have customers generally from the city and most of them require only seasonal flowers. They will also keep stock of the most commonly ordered flowers like roses and lilies. When it comes to online florists, people look for huge varieties. Online shopping is popular mainly because of the huge options provided to the customers. You can order wedding flowers, thanksgiving flowers and speedy recovery flowers easily online. Most of the online florists have tie-ups with the major flower dealers in the city and hence flowers will be available round the clock.

Timely delivery

Speedy Recovery FlowersAnother great advantage of choosing online florists for ordering flowers is the timely delivery. There is a good amount of competition in this field too like in the other fields. Hence, the florists in the city strive hard to meet the deadlines without causing any errors. Since most of the orders are placed in order to gift someone on a special occasion, delivery on the mentioned dates is very important. This is something that the online florists too consider important. Hence, you can be sure about the flowers getting delivered without any hiccups to the address you provide. You can place the order even during the night hours because the provision is available all the time. The flower delivery will take place promptly as per your requirements.

Best prices

Most people look at the price tags before placing an order. This is true even when you visit a local store to order flowers. The advantage of placing the order through an online florist is that you get to compare the prices easily. When you visit a local store, you will not be able to compare the prices that are offered by a similar shop in the next street. You need to physically walk in to each shop or call them up in order to get this info. When you choose an online florist, the task of price comparison is just few clicks away. Hence, you can enjoy the best prices without any hassle.

These factors make online flower dealers in Singapore immensely popular. If you need flowers, all you need to do is navigate your browsers to the home page of the online flower shops in the city.


Choose A Right Wedding Bouquet for the Bride

floristBride is said to be complete when there she has a wonderful and perfectly decorated bouquet in her hands. Yes, it not only going to make her happy but also going to add on charm to her look. Wedding bunch should be selected in such a manner that it matches the bridal dress and the theme of the wedding. There are lots of people, who set out specific theme for the wedding and ask the florist to make the arrangement accordingly. If you are also the one, who has set up theme for the party and looking for the perfect bridal bouquet for the bride, here are some of the options that from which you can make the selection and enhance her look:

  • For classic and elegant look

Now, if the wedding is in classy or elegant look then better option is going to have the bunch in circular shape. Before choosing the one make sure that what is the theme of the wedding or how is the bridal attire? If it is classical or elegant one, ask the florist to arrange the bunch in domed shape. Along with this make sure that the flower table for the bride and groom also gives classy and elegant touch. Ask the flower seller to arrange the venue theme wise and with fresh flowers.

  • If you want to have romantic or traditional bouquet

If the event has romantic and traditional set up, and you are concerned about the bunch Flower Tableof flowerets that is going to suit the most, then no need to worry. Cascade or water fall is the bunch that is going to match perfectly for the romantic theme. You can ask the florist to show you some of the sample of this hanging bunch, so that it becomes easy for you to select the appropriate one for the event. You can also choose flower delivery option and make some interesting card for the bride to gift her.

  • For contemporary and modern

Hand tied bouquets are the perfect choice and well matched for the brides, whose attire is modern. This is the bunch in one can do lots of styles with the stems, florets, foliage and ribbons. In this, the stems of different and unique flowers are wrapped at the center of the design and the holding part is enlarged. So if the party has contemporary or the modern theme, then nothing can be better than to spend money in hand tied bunches.

  • If you want something to look fashionable and stylish

Nowadays, trend is of unique and stylish things. You will see creative things in the market like brooches, pearls, crystals, etc., that are known to develop the look of a bunch. If you also want to make a bouquet look stylish and fashionable then embellished bouquet is going to work well for this theme.

Florists Advise on Weddings

Florists in SingaporeFor florists, such events as weddings and birthdays among others prove to be quite resourceful. Such are the times that they will be needed a lot to deliver flowers fore the occasions. It is understood that these flower experts tend to do their jobs quite well when they use the local flora, but they can be flexible enough to give alternative choice to clients when required to. For some colorful events such as the weddings, these experts have over the years been charged with the responsibility of recommending certain flowers and plants to the clients, but at the end of the day leave the decision for the client to make.

For those experts who are called to manage garden weddings, many of them actually do not have issues with the types of flowers and the whole arrangement. This is so due to the fact many of those couples do opt for a mixture of colors as long as they bring out the theme of the day. Florists in Singapore for instance, do use the Seasonal blooms because their colors can be easily blended with anything. It is known that some of the brides actually do prefer to have bouquets of a totally different color altogether.  It is understood that Lilies also are quite big, and Singapore florists advise that one needs only a few of them for the day, and especially for the photo session.

Another kind of wedding: the beach wedding will come with its different demands with regards to flowers. They will demand that the event be graced by the tropical flowers. Florists around such areas might not find problems collecting orchids as well as Singapore floristsother roses. These flowers are quite colorful, and they do blend well with the hard climactic conditions of the beach. They do not wilt quite easily. Their colors are usually beautiful, and for most of them they usually match well with the sand on the beach giving the event the perfect touch and spectacle. It is normal to come across some brides who do prefer non-floral bouquets and in stead go for something else like the palm leaves.

Lastly, the discussion will seek to analyze the role of these experts with regards to traditional weddings. In such a ceremony, the experts have been vocal on the need for the bride to have single simple color for their bouquet. They advise the brides to consider t6he color white for this occasion, and they further advice on the use of roses for such an event, due to the fact that they can be easily availed in different colors and sizes. They can also be easily matched with other colors. These flowers are also easy to use along other smaller leaves and lilies for some arrangements like table arrangements.

Budget Friendly Tips For Floral Party Decoration

Singapore floristA party always seems incomplete without the fragrance and charm of the beautiful & fresh flowers. But, by including the floral decoration in the party, some people either affect their budget or try to cut upon the decoration & flowers to stay within the budget. If you are also one amongst them and you are looking forward to the ideas that can help you bring the floral charm at your party in constraint budget, then here are the tips:

Tips for floral party decoration in budget:

  • Always decide a theme and proceed accordingly. This will not only help you with focussed planning but would also bring an enthusiastic element at the party.  You can either pick a colour theme or the theme of movie, sport, or story and then you can move ahead with the planning.
  • Colours at the party play a very important role. If you want to make it a monochromatic them, then you might go with the mood, otherwise, at parties bright & happening colours such as orange, hot pink and chartreuse or royal, turquoise and emerald, work the best. Therefore, when shopping for the flowers at the flower shop, do consider this point.
  • After this, you must plan for a budget wisely & realistically. While planning for the budget, do consider important aspects such as required flowers, cost of the flowers, the venue that has to be decorated, etc. By doing this, you can actually plan how much you want to spend.
  • At the time of styling the venue with flowers, you have to pay special attention to specific areas. Some of which are:

flower shops*  Entrance or lobby
*  Escort or Seating area
*  Restrooms
*  Chair backs for guests of honor
*  Cocktail area and tables
*  Dinner tables
*  Gift Table
*  Buffet tables
*  Cake or dessert tables
*  Napkin fold/Single flowers for each guest place setting

Before starting doing the decoration, you should be prepared with what to do and how to do. If you are planning to do the decoration on the own, then identify which all areas can you do well, also, if you think, that you will not be able to cover certain aspects, then you should consider for the professional help. You can so the task yourself (obviously which you can easily do), otherwise, you can also take the assistance of the floral designer. There are florists in Singapore, who offer the help for decorating the venue for celebrations and events and you may consult them.

Ideas To Gift Flowers To Men

floristIn our blog, ‘Tips for Men to Impress Women with Flowers’, we had given tips to men on how to make a woman feel special with flowers. Now, it is women’s turn to know how to impress the man or make him feel special with flowers. Yes, do not be amazed with this, as men too love flowers and feel special when someone makes extra effort to tell them that they are special in his/her life.

But yes, girls, you need to be pretty careful when selecting flowers for men, as they do not just like them the way you like them. There is a difference, a manly touch difference. No, please do not get confused and simply read the tips mentioned below to know what you have to do.

Scroll your mouse downwards to read the flower giving tips to men:

  • Start with Color Selection:

Which color would you pick from the flower shop if you are asked to make a bouquet for your man? Will you choose your favorite color or his? It is better if you choose his favorite. But in case, you do not know which color flower he loves the most, then you must pick the color wisely. Try not to convince yourself for shades like pink; instead, to be on a safer side, pick up vivid colors like yellow, orange, and red. You can also pick green & flowering plants for gifting.

  • Making the Flower Arrangement

flower shopsNext, you have to focus upon the floral arrangement or bouquet. You can take the help of your florist in getting the bouquet made, as he would have experience in creating bouquets for men. You should however make sure that you pick contemporary & correct style to it. And yes, be little more carefully in the decoration and wrapping. Do not make it look funky with fancy or curly ribbons. It is better to keep it simple and elegant.

  • Add your Special Touch

Women are lovable and they love to make their loved ones feel special. If you are thinking to do something similar then it is a great idea. You can add a handmade card or personal message to the bouquet to tell your man how much special he is in your life.

With these tips, it would be easier for you to make your husband, lover, or just a friend feel special.